Monthly Archives: March 2015

Update In Seveso Directive due in June 2015

The Seveso Directive deals exclusively with the prevention and control of major industrial risks involving dangerous substances. This Directive was named after the 1976 accident at a chemical plant manufacturing pesticides and herbicides in Seveso, Italy. The Seveso Directive defines these occurrences as: A major emission, fire or explosion resulting from uncontrolled developments in the […]

Infographic: Comparing UK and Irish ISO Uptake

At the end of 2014, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) released a survey outlining the growth in the uptake of ISO Standards. This survey focused on the growth of the seven most popular ISO Standards over 2012 and 2013. We have previously posted about Irish and UK growth separately but now we would like to […]

Important Update on ISO 45001!

The first committee draft of the new Health & Safety standard ISO 45001 was published last summer. This new standard helps the organisation to look beyond its immediate Health & Safety issues and to take into account what the wider society expects of them. Additionally, ISO 45001 insists that Occupational Health & Safety aspects are […]

ISO 19011: Post-audit activities

This is the fourth instalment and final instalment in the ISO 19011 audit series which looks at activities required to successfully prepare for an integrated management audit. In this post we will look at post-audit activities and elaborate on the graph below: Once audit findings and a report have been finalised, it is then time […]